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Green & Blue Wonderland
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Just look at those precious bbys:

and with Nozaki sleeping so cute awww



ok pls consider this: kingdom birbs
(can u guess who is who and what birds they are??? lmao)

Okay, here’s my best guess (I couldn’t resist.)
They made Sora a Robin (you can tell because of the red breast and the brown feathers.)
They made Kairi into a Cassin’s Finch, I think. It was the closest match I could find.
They made Riku into a Western Bluebird, based on the chest markings.
They made Xion into an Indigo Bunting.
Axel is a Cardinal (That’s no surprise.)
Roxas and Ventus are both Canaries.
Terra is a Falcon
And Aqua is a Mountain Bluebird, I think.
How close did I get?

Congratulations you got almost all them right!!Though Xion is actually a black robin, Kairi is a white winged crossbill, and Riku is a tropical parula!
Since you got most them right i’ll just add one more tiny birb for you